Pristine, 2019

Who are you?

Do you remember what you are?

Do you know what you have been made for?

Even before our birth, society prepares roles and model of behaviors for us.

We are dressed in pink, pastel, we are foisted on books and cartoons about princes that bring us back to life with kisses and save us from fire-breathing dragons. And then some dance classes, ideally – ballroom dancing, art class, model school, weight loss marathons, fashion magazines with perfect pictures, a woman – housewife, a woman – homemaker, a woman should …

Pink is a magical color! However, you like black, or fond of brown-moss green. Moreover, you hate kissing princes, these slobbers. Except that a dragon! At least, its kisses are hot. Dancing with you, your partner puts himself at the risk of being disabled for two weeks due to his battered legs. You hate cooking, you can’t even cook eggs, maybe you have a fear of eggs! Well, you don’t seem to eat much, just a few goodies before heading to bed, but your body is far from the ideal showcased in the magazines…

You decide: “That will not do,” – and you put on an appropriate dress that does not let you breathe in – only breathe out – because a woman should…

But why on earth should she?

We, women are actresses and let’s be clear here, we love to change millions of roles and masks. It makes easier for us to accept and endure reality. The clothes help us in this, shaping the mood, feelings, and emotions. Each image we try on affects our sense of self in the world.

I am a commercial photographer. Every time, preparing the shooting, I discuss the image with my customer. Of course, it consists of clothes, accessories and other trifles. Even invisible underwear helps a woman to become what she wants to be and to feel.

Once at the shooting, in the process of changing the customer’s image, I spontaneously took a shot, which moved me forward to creating this project.

It was a moment like the flight of a butterfly: the girl was taking off her blouse and getting rid of clothes. She had about her an aura of a genuine transparent purity. At that moment, she was so natural, without realizing it, that the beauty of her body showed in every slightest movement.

I want to show this moment. The moment of truth. Because the real pristineness eludes and the masks reappear if you are completely nude or fully dressed.

I feel like a sorcerer involved in a great mystery.

And I want to open it for you.

Because I know who you are. You are pristine!

I know what you are. You are splendid!

And I know what you have been made for. You are here to be happy, to be yourself.

I will help you to recall that.